What are night vision devices?

The vast majority of people imagine spy movies when hearing about night vision devices. We are all familiar with this case scenario when someone puts a pair of night-vision goggles and looks across the front building in order to see every detail even if it’s dark outside. You’ve probably wondered how these items actually work and if it’s true that you can see in the dark.

Your dilemma has an answer because indeed, you can see clearly even in low light conditions. If you get the proper gear, you can see the person standing over 250 yards on a moonless night.

When it comes to choosing the suitable equipment, you have to opt between goggles, binoculars, and monoculars.

Monoculars are basically single eye units that don’t feature any magnification. However, a good quality monocular is quite versatile and comes in handy if you want to enhance your night vision experience.


Also, these devices are incredibly lightweight and can be used for head mounting if the situation occurs. There are advanced monoculars that can be easily affixed to riffle or spotting scopes. This way, you can see your target clearly during the hunting session. If you want, you can adapt the night vision monocular to a camera using a special adaptor. Basically, this small unit can be carried in your pocket so you can use it for several purposes.

The only possible drawback is that you have to continuously switch back and forth from one eye to another. When one eye gets tired, you need to use the other eye and so on. Therefore, you need to get used until it feels natural to use the monocular.

Next, we’ve got the night vision goggles work similar to the monoculars because they don’t have magnification and can be mounted on your head. However, the major positive aspect of them is that they feel incredibly natural and don’t require practice in order to get used to them. Generally, you’ll find two types of goggles, two eye-piece units that allow you to view the image through a single tube and others that enable the vision using dual image tubes, known as well as stereo-vision pieces.  

The goggles are incredibly useful for situations when you have to walk or run. Dual tube goggles that provide stereo vision basically offer you the opportunity to see the same image but with a slight difference between both eyes. These are practical devices for depth perception and improved navigation ability.

Night vision binoculars are two-eyepieces items that are outfitted with built-in magnification. Thanks to the magnification zoom you can see at longer distances. So, if you are given the task to remain in place and capture the images at long range at night, you should stick to night vision binoculars.  

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