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Why Is Birding So Popular?


Nowadays, technology and money allow us to enjoy an infinite pool of leisure activities, all catering to our desires and needs. From traveling around the world to bowling, cooking classes, dancing, reading or bird watching, every activity has a club of enthusiasts ready to make a pitch for its benefits.

So, if you decided to pick up bird watching but you’re not sure if it’s worthy of your attention, here are some reasons that will help you make up your mind.


It doesn’t cost too much

Unlike yachting or traveling around the world, bird watching won’t require highly expensive equipment unless you’re a professional. A good quality pair of binoculars and the right clothes to protect you from harsh weather conditions is everything you need to enjoy this activity year-round.


It gets you outside

We live most of the day tied to our screens, indoors and outdoors. Whether we’re doing our job, talking on the phone or posting on social media, tech devices became an addiction for the younger generation. So, if you decided to take a break from your virtual reality and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, what better way than by bird watching?

This activity helps you get out of the house more and create a connection with nature. It allows you to breathe fresh air and expand your horizon of knowledge without constantly stimulating your brain.

It helps you exercise

Birding also represents a fun way to exercise without even knowing. Going on hitchhikes and finding the best spots in town to observe the birds often involves working all your muscle groups and helping you increase your endurance. In time, constant exercising, even if it’s in the form of walks, will improve your body condition, help you define your muscles, and lose a few pounds.


It’s a year-round activity

The great thing about birds is that they come in all shapes, forms, and colors, and you can learn more about their habits throughout the year. You don’t even have to go outside your town or city as there are plenty of species scattered all around the globe that have adapted to all weather conditions and temperatures.

However, the birds’ high season usually begins in early spring and ends in late fall or early winter, meaning you’ll have at least 8-9 months to learn more about their lifestyle and habits.


Bird watching communities are awesome

This activity is a great form of socializing, too. There are thousands of dedicated communities all around the world with enthusiastic people willing to share their findings and useful tips. You can join a local bird watching group and even participate in their regular events if you want to gain more experience and meet new people.


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